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Industrial Magnets and Magnetic Separators


Industrial magnets and magnetic separators offer powerful solutions for recovering materials, ensuring product purity, and protecting your equipment. These magnetic separators are used in heavy industries such as aggregate, construction, demolition, mining, recycling, and waste recovery.

Select a product below to find out more:

Overhead Magnetic Separators Overhead Magnetic Separators

Drum Magnets and Drum Magnetic Separators Drum Magnets

Eddy Current Separators Eddy Current Separators

Magnetic Head Pulleys Magnetic Head Pulleys

Grate and Plate Magnets

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Dings has been manufacturing a full line of magnetic separators since 1899 and through the years has pioneered a number of key design features such as the long life magnetic coil and the Durabelt. These innovations, along with a solid record of reliability, assure you of a high-performance industrial magnet and magnetic separator.

Which magnetic separator is best for your application?

The chart below provides some basic guidelines for choosing an industrial magnet or magnetic separator. We have chosen a few applications to highlight the differences in our products. To choose the best product for your particular application, please contact the Tinsley Company who will help you choose the specific magnetic separator for your needs.

magnetic separator applications

Electromagnetic designs advantages

How can Dings offer a 10 year warranty against coil burnout and a lifetime guarantee on magnetism? With a history of innovative designs and over 100 years experience, Dings has developed the highest quality magnetic separators in the market. Because of this, they stand behind their products — offering the best warranties in the industry.

Exclusive coil design eliminates magnet burnout

Dings electromagnets are wound with anodized aluminum strap, an exclusive design that lasts longer and generates more magnetism than any other on the market. Wells wound with this material don’t require insullation. You benefit from extra turns which fits into the same area — generating more magnetism and separating power. With aluminum strap, every coil turn is exposed to oil-cooling. With round wire, inside turns are not cooled evenly. These coil hotspots can cause magnet burnout. Dings magnet coils stay cooler — and since electromagnetic performs best at lower operating temperatures, this ensures a stronger more efficient magnet. Because each strap turn is in contact with oil, thermal expansion of the oil can be accommodated inside the magnet box, eliminating the need for an oil expansion tank.