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Grate Magnets and Plate Magnets

Grate Magnets – Plate Magnets

Grate Magnets

Grate Magnets Grate Magnet

Grate magnets remove small particles of ferrous metal from free-flowing powders and granular materials. Standard construction features 1″ round tubes filled with either high grade ceramic or rare earth magnets. These tubes and grate magnets can be supplied either unhoused or housed in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your application.

Our standard products are listed below:

TUBE Single tubes filled with ceramic or rare earth magnet material. Custom-fabricated products or other unique applications
GRID No frame; two cross pieces support magnetic tubes. Locations too confined for framed type, or for irregular openings.

grid Grid

PLAIN FRAME Magnetic tubes within a four-sided frame General purpose.
HEAVY-DUTY FRAME Larger, square magnetic tubes; greater surface area; wider tube spacing for this type of grate magnet. High volume applications, such as grain processing.

Heavy Duty Grate Heavy Duty Grate Magnet

WING TYPE Plain frame with wings on sides to funnel material into grate. General purpose.
DRAWER Drawer can be pulled out of chute for cleaning. For installation in existing chute.


STANDARD Grate drawer contains magnetic tubes in a housing. General purpose.
EASY CLEAN Drawer magnets with tube-within-a-tube assemblies For applications requiring greater cleaning convenience.

Easy Clean Grate Magnets Easy Clean Grate Magnet

AUTO CLEAN Pneumatic system cleans rare earth magnetic tubes automatically. Inaccessible location, or material with high ferrous contamination.
ROTARY Motorized, with tubes in a circular arrangement. Prevents cohesive powders and fibrous materials from bridging.
HOPPER Slide gate, transparent drawer face, other industry specific features. Plastics Industry.

Hopper Grate Magnets Hopper Grate Magnet

Plate Magnets


Locations of Plate Magnets Locations of Plate Magnets Plate Magnets Plate Magnets

If you’re engaged in bulk processing – food, grain, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, minerals, etc. – protect your valuable equipment and your customers from tramp metal contamination with a plate magnet. The high surface strength of these plate magnets makes them ideally suited for sloping chute applications. These magnets are available as a plate to be installed in an existing process or preinstalled in a variety of Ferroplate equipped products.

Unique design features raised pole pieces to provide better protection. Since the strongest magnetic field on any plate magnet is between the two poles, most of the tramp metal will accumulate in the gap between the poles. The plate magnets’ raised magnetic pole pieces create a recess in this area which holds the attracted metal more securely than designs which have a narrow raised strip between the poles.

Plate magnets are offered in five different styles with varying magnetic strengths to work in a variety of applications:

Ferroplate Model Selection Table

MAXIMUM DEPTH OF MATERIAL (inches) 3″ 3 1/2″ 4 1/2″ 5 1/2″ 6 1/2″
Free flowing, dry, loose, granular 2100 2200 2300 2400 Ultimate
Moist, fibrous 2200 2300 2400 Ultimate
Dense, wet, viscous, liquid 2300 2400 Ultimate


Plate Magnet Equipped Products

For applications where the installation is not in a rectangular, sloping chute, choose from this line of plate magnet equipped products:

Perma Chute

Perma Chute magnets are designed for applications where space is limited, materials can’t pass freely through a grate magnet, or when the chute is too vertical for a plate magnet to work effectively. A Quick Clean model is also available with a built-in drawer for disposing of the separated metal.

Perma Chute Plate Magnet Perma Chute Plate Magnet

Magnetic Hump Plate Magnet Magnetic Hump Plate Magnet


Magnetic Hump

These specially shaped separators are used in rectangular chutes or round pipes where flow speeds and depths exceed the capacity of plate magnets. Hump magnets are recommended if the flow is vertical, or if the angle of the chute is more than 70 degrees. An Easy Clean model with pneumatic self-cleaning mechanism is also offered.

Round Pipe Separator

This separator allows Ferroplates to be used on round, sloping chutes carrying dry material.If has a plate magnet mounted on a rectangular center section, with round adapters on each end.

Round Pipe Magnetic Separator Round Pipe Magnetic Separator


Hydro Hump Magnetic Separator Hydro Hump Magnetic Separator


Hydro Hump

Ferroplates in an angled housing remove ferrous contaminants in a liquid pipeline. It has a pressure tight design and 150 lb. flange fittings on both ends.