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Large Drum Magnetic Separators – rotating drum magnets

Large and Small Rotating Drum Magnets

Large Drum Magnets

These large rotating drum magnets are commonly used in the metal scrap and recycling industries.

For separating high volumes of steel or for especially demanding applications, a powerful this magnetic separator may be the answer. These rugged magnets are built to last with heavy-duty manganese wear shells to protect against damage from large or sharp objects. Easily separate ferrous materials from product flow streams that can be fed to multiple machines including vibratory conveyors and vibrating screens.

Depending on your application, you may choose from several styles of Dings large drum magnetic separators including:

Permanent ( Ceramic ) Drum Separator Permanent ( Ceramic ) Separator

Permanent ( Ceramic ) Magnet

These separators offer the highest level of magnetic strength and are appropriate for many different applications, including scrap processing, auto shredding, mining, aggregate, or anywhere large volumes of metal need to be removed. Both lateral and radial pole designs are offered. Our sales engineers will be able to help you determine which style is best for your application.



Different types of material feeds to a Drum Magnet Different types of material feeds to the separator


Material can be fed to a drum magnet in any of the three ways illustrated above. The stationary magnet can be adjusted to any of these positions to best accomodate the demands of your particular application.

This magnetic separator was specifically engineered for the scrap processing market. Whether you’re processing white goods or other types of scrap, this separator’s triple pole design will tumble the attracted steel, cleaning it as it travels across the surface.

Electro Drum Magnetic Separator Electro Drum Magnetic Separator

The result is purer steel with a higher resale value.

All Dings drum separators are offered with multiple options, including:

  • Rugged mounting frames
  • Custom vanners and cleats
  • Custom magnetic arcs (permanent magnet only)
  • Custom designs and applications for your needs


Small Drum Magnets

Small drum magnets are all-purpose separators. They purify everything from free-flowing powders to crumb rubber to minerals. These are available in a variety of magnetic circuits. Let us determine the best magnet for your application.

Small Drum Magnets for Processing Small Magnets for Processing

They are designed for applications with lower volumes of ferrous metal contaminants, such as foundries, powder or grain processing, crumb rubber and plastics or other recycling. The PC model is furnished as a drum only (without motor and housing) and mounts easily with pillow block bearing and shaft clamp. This permanent magnet design is available in ceramic, rare earth and high strength rare earth styles.

In our FC model, the PC drum is furnished with a motor, feed leveler, splitter and housing. Multiple drum arrangements are also available.

This type of separation is very simple – material is fed to a rotating shell revolving around a stationary magnet. Ferrous metal remains on the shell surface until it passes from the magnetic field – separating it from the normal trajectory of the nonferrous material.


Drum Locations Drum Locations in Conveyors and Hoppers illustration of feed separation Illustration of Feed Separation