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Overhead Magnetic Separators – overhead magnet separators

Overhead Magnetic Separators

Overhead Magnetic Separators can handle the job if you are looking to protect downstream equipment from tramp iron contamination or separating ferrous recyclables from other product. These overhead magnetic separators are suspended over a conveyor line to remove ferrous metal from the product stream. Electro and permanent magnet styles are available to meet the needs of any type of application. These types of magnets have been used in the following industries: recycling, mining / aggregate, foundry, coal, bulk processing and other customized services and applications.

self cleaning overhead magnets Self-cleaning Overhead Magnets Stationary Overhead Magnets Stationary Overhead Magnets

Stationary Overhead Magnetic Separators

If tramp metal is an occasional problem, then a stationary tramp magnet is the right choice. Just suspend it over the conveyor or over the head pulley. When the magnetic surface starts to fill up, swing the overhead magnet away from the conveyor and cut the power (electromagnet) or use the convenient wiper arm (permanent magnet) to release the attracted metal. Swing the separator over the conveyor and you’re back in business.

Self-Cleaning Overhead Magnets

If you need to separate large quantities of ferrous metal, self-cleaning overhead magnets will do the job. Available in both electro and permanent magnet styles, these powerful magnetic separators come equipped with a tough, vulcanized rubber belt with 1″ cleats to continuously remove metal from the product stream (3″ cleats are available for material recycling facilities. The magnet may be suspended either crossbelt (perpendicular to the product flow) or inline (parallel above the product flow).

Heavy-duty Overhead Magnets Heavy-duty Overhead Magnets

Severe or Heavy-Duty Self-Cleaning Overhead Magnets

For demanding applications such as concrete recycling or construction and demolition waste processing, a Severe-Duty Self-Cleaning Magnet is available. With a stainless steel cleated belt and heavy-duty drive package, this magnet is built to withstand the toughest conditions.